A Note to Thank You

Just wanted to send a note to than you for the great service Gillespie Excavating provided in replacing our home gas line. We were very pleased with the crew from Gillespie Excavating who were on the job and want to specifically compliment a couple of the people working on our line. The construction manager from Gillespie Excavating. Mr. James Medlin and also from Gillespie, Mr. L.J. Wilson. Both were exceptional in keeping us informed as to what work was in progress, and Mr. Wilson did a fantastic job in repairing our in ground sprinkler system after the new gas line was completed. The whole crew did an excellent job in putting things back to normal both at our house and all over our neighborhood. We just wanted to thank them for their hard work, communication about the project, and professionalism during the construction.

Also wanted to thank Mr. Dana Underwood from City Utilities for stopping by our home and keeping us informed as to what was going on with the gas line replacement. Things are all back to normal – gas is flowing and yard is looking great.

Thanks to everyone for a job well done.

– Steve and Karen

The Gillespie team exceeds our expectations

Springfield Underground first worked with Gillespie Excavating in 1996 on a regional detention basin. Since that time we have used them for a variety of projects including: utility extensions, building pad preparation underground and on the surface, blasting, high wall scaling, rock excavation, curb and gutter, street construction, concrete paving, parking lot expansions, land clearing, structure demolition, seeding, snow removal, retaining wall construction, and topsoil screening. Every time we work with the Gillespie team they exceed our expectations for a quality project. Gillespie Excavating has been a trusted partner in shaping the look of Springfield Underground.

John F. Griesemer
Chief Operations Officer
Springfield Underground, Inc

The Gillespie team exceeds our expectations - Springfield Underground

Gas and Water Lines on Atlantic St.

“Special thanks to Gillespie Excavating for their hard work and the professional manner in which they worked on our gas and water lines.”

L. Fleetwood
Springfield, MO


It is a Privilege to Recommend Gillespie Excavating

“It is a privilege to recommend Gillespie Excavating. I have the highest regard for their integrity and expertise. I have been working with Gillespie Excavating since 1985. Gillespie Excavating can satisfy any client with the vast knowledge they bring to each project. Gillespie Excavating and the men who work for them are noticeably “a cut above the rest”.”
Lon Goff
Lon Goff Custom Homes, LLC